Arizona Hunter Testimonials

Hunters of Arizona Hunting Outfitters Testimonials

***** The Real Deal - Leon Muhler - Jan. 3, 2018

This isn’t some fancy pants lodge, this is the real deal. From the first phone call to saying “see ya next time”, was first class. Right at the beginning of the hunt, I knew I was included in the "We Hunt" of the excursion. Ray and Terri run a great outfit and I highly recommend We Hunt Arizona to anyone wanting a real hunting experience. The camp was comfortable, the food was perfect, the hunt was incredible and the stories, after the successful hunt, around the campfire were, well, no other word but, entertaining and memorable. If you don’t hunt with these 2, your not getting the full hunting experience. This is the real deal when it comes to a guided hunt in Arizona.

***** BBD- Dennis Sullivan - Dec. 4, 2017

I hired Ray to be my guide for my Elk hunt. I knew the first time talking to him that this was going to be a good hunt. Big Bull Down!!! Just WOW! Ray knows what he is doing.

The camp was top notch, Terri was awesome and her cooking was great. Next time I draw an elk tag, Ray & Terri....Here i come.

Highly recommend them.

***** On Target - Steve Reynoso - Nov. 16, 2017

Ray has been my guide for 2 years now and every year I get my animal. 

He is original and will not disappoint.