Arizona Guided Mock Hunting


Interested in a full experience hunting trip, but do not want to purchase a tag 

or take down an animal? 

We can do that.

This is a "MOCK HUNT" 

It is a simulated guided/outfitted hunting experience.

An Arizona mock hunt is ideal for photographers, new hunters learning how to be out in the field and those who do not want  to shoot an animal but want to go out in the field to get the full experience of going on a 

fully guided/outfitted Arizona hunting trip. 

The only shooting done will be from your camera. 

It's a great way to spend a few days outside with most everything included.

From the hunt camp to sitting in a tree stand or ground blind, calling in Elk, Deer, turkey and coyotes.

You  will also get a chance at seeing other Arizona wildlife such as  pronghorn, squirrels to possibly even a badger, during  your Arizona Mock Hunting excursion.

No permits or licenses required. 

And best of all, no closed seasons.

The "Arizona Mock Hunt" includes camper and/or tents, firewood, 

food (breakfast, snacks & dinner), drink, cots, your guide and most equipment 

for the Arizona Mock Hunting Experience.

You will even get a chance at learning how to call the Arizona elk in.


$300 per person, per day

3 person MAX, 3 day MIN.

Custom Arizona Mock Hunts are also available.







Viewing Arizona elk in wallow from tree stand

What you should bring on your Arizona Mock Hunting Excursion

 -Any medication you may need or take regularly 

-Personal items

-sleeping bag, blankets, pillow

-warm clothing (enough clothing for the amount of days you have booked)

-Waterproof hiking boots



-Jacket, vest, gloves, beanie, rain gear

-Hat, sunglasses, sun screen

 -Any other items you may want during your Arizona Mock Hunting Excursion